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Let's support our Brooklyn eateries and small businesses.

They are integral to the heart and soul of Brooklyn. Many helped us in our Tastes of Brooklyn events. Let's thank them.

Order. Take-out. Tip. Be generous.

Let's save them this winter. Buy a Tastes of Brooklyn Passport Gift Card and create your own neighborhood food and drink crawl.

Support local and help the charity, Seeds in the Middle, build farm stands in Brooklyn's food deserts so everyone has equal access to fruits and vegetables

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Over the past year, we have been eating and sipping and doing good across Brooklyn, walking and exploring new culinary gems in Tastes of Brooklyn food and drink crawls.

Now, in this time of uncertainty with the coronavirus, restaurants and bars can no longer operate as they once did. We want to show gratitude. So, we've created interactive maps to show you who's open for take-out and delivery.

We were touched and thrilled by the enthusiastic warmth and success of our two pandemic food and drink crawls on Aug. 1st, the Tastes of Gowanus to Carroll Gardens, and then Prospect Heights to Crown Heights on Oct. 3. Volunteers made sure everyone wore masks and kept distancing and ticket-buyers were super-considerate so everyone could enjoy and support our small businesses.

Now, we're trying a new way to support local - our first gift card. Instead of exploring a neighborhood only for a day, you can use these tickets until April 1st. We want you to keep our businesses alive by gifting these cards so we encourage everyone to discover culinary gems all over Brooklyn. We also feature unique Brooklyn artisans, art and craft. You can gift their treasures as well! Here's the map.

Try delicious food, cocktails, wine and other culinary treats on the go! Thank you, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce for your support and Barrow's Intense Ginger for free hand sanitizers.

Let's enjoy and be safe together and apart with social distancing.

Be a culinary explorer again. Let's boost businesses and healthy kids together.

Keep Brooklyn strong!

See online map here

Borreum Hill

See online map here.

Red Hook


See online map here'

Crown Heights

See online map here.

Other Fifth

See online map here.

See online map here.

See online map here.

See online map here.

See online map here.

See online map here.

See online map here.

See online map here

See online map here

See online map here

See online map here

More maps to come

Reserve tickets for 2020 events

All our events support Seeds in the Middle. We are still setting dates for 2020 given current events. But you can reserve tickets now. Proceeds will go right to our efforts to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to youth and families in food deserts in central Brooklyn during the city’s social distancing and school closures. Please donate now to help us help others.

Tastes of Brooklyn and Seeds in the Middle are proud to support local - keeping alive the vibrant small businesses that make NYC such a rich place to live. They give to us and we support them. Thanks to the restaurants, bars, chefs, food establishments, distillers, foodies, artists and vendors who are making Tastes of Brooklyn crawls rock! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get updates or get on our email list at

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All Tastes of Brooklyn events support Seeds in the Middle, a charity empowering students, schools and their communities in food deserts to create affordable, nearby access to fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy choices. Seeds in the Middle on Facebook here and Instagram. Can;t come? You can still give.